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Picture of the Week: Boggling

Yes, it’s a Boggle game! After quite a long break, our group got together for a night of Boggle. Chat, food, and finding words. Yes, I won. 🙂 But our host was suffering from some kind of watery-red-eye malady, so … Continue reading

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Smiling Gravestones

Many years ago, I started a cemetery of sorts in my journals. It’s been so long, I can’t remember exactly why it happened this way. In my mind there are vague connections to a performance of Our Town we did … Continue reading

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The student who encouraged me

When I went back to college at 30, the first semester was pretty lonely. I’d moved to a town where I knew only one person: a computer science professor who had spent maybe half an hour with me talking about … Continue reading

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Quote: Smile

“Smile, it’s not so bad.” – Mr. Tyler This was a math teacher in our high school. With his brush-cut hair and imposing stature, I always thought of Mr. Tyler as something like a prison guard. But there were days … Continue reading

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How to make a friend

Once upon a time, I decided that I was going to go to WorldCon in Toronto, because it was not too far from my home town. ‘Not too far’ meaning about four hours of driving. I can’t remember exactly how … Continue reading

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