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Picture of the week: Blue

The reservoir was this incredible dark blue today. Such a wonderful color. It’s much too late in the year for the reservoir to be mostly unfrozen, but I can’t complain about warm weather and dry roads. And dark blue water.

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I’m feeling better. Somewhere around 4:00 today, something felt different. I still have this annoying cough and occasional violent sneezes, but I feel Better. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I did manage to read … Continue reading

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Favorite: Rain in a tent

Sometimes you just need to listen to a sound that relaxes your brain. This is one of my favorite sounds: rain on a tent. Especially if the tent is waterproof and there is no chance of getting dripped on. Even … Continue reading

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Get a raincoat you love

I used to hate rainy days. Then I lived through a month without rain and nearby wildfires ravaging acres and acres of dry land. Rain became more like a acquaintance who sometimes stays around too long. I didn’t hate it, … Continue reading

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After a long break, I am working on the novel* again. Apparently I have a tendency to “tell”, not “show”, so I’m trying to remedy that with some actual scenes that attempt to show what the characters are thinking and/or … Continue reading

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Picture of the Week: Canal

For most of the summer, this canal was barely there. You could see all the rocks on the bottom, small sticks were enough to cause a dam to start building. Now the irrigation is done. It’s full up to the … Continue reading

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