I Dared Me

One day I took a look at the blog I had created, and I saw that there were only brittle bones holding it up, occasional posts with gaps of neglect letting the structure sag.

I shook my head at myself. Pathetic.

I dared myself, then. Dared me to do one hundred posts in one hundred days.

And I took that dare, knowing I could, but not sure I would.

How long is one hundred days? Much longer than it sounds. You know what feels like one hundred days? About sixty days. Then you look at the calendar and realize that you still have a long long way to go.

I’m not pretending that these are the highest quality posts, or the most interesting. What they are is… me. Me meeting a goal that I only shared with two other people.


Because. It was something to try.

And that is why there is whywetry.com.

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Picture of the week: Blue

The reservoir was this incredible dark blue today. Such a wonderful color.

It’s much too late in the year for the reservoir to be mostly unfrozen, but I can’t complain about warm weather and dry roads.

And dark blue water.

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Detective shows: Columbo

I love detective shows. Do I love all of them? Probably not. But I certainly have some favorites.

Let’s start with one of the all-time greats: Colombo.

The best part about this one is that it absolutely is not a who-done-it.

You never have to guess who did it. You always see them do it.

Then what is the show all about, you might ask?

It’s about Columbo.

It’s about how he goes about the investigation – talking to people, asking questions, showing up again and again, getting the suspect to ‘help’ him figure out what the killer was thinking.

I know, it sounds almost boring. But somehow it isn’t. It’s like… watching a tennis match? A chess game? More like that. You’re seeing both sides making their moves, and even though you know who will win, it’s a close game and that makes it interesting.

I’m thinking you either love it or hate it. The fact that there were so many episodes tells me that some decent percentage of people loved it.

Thanks to the magic of the Internet, I can keep watching it long after Peter Falk passed away. I don’t think anyone has ever tried to take his place.

Here’s to Colombo, the one and only.

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Good things

Can I tell you how much I appreciate sleeping through the night? It’s this amazing luxury that I rarely experience, but after those nights of coughing and just being miserable, it’s a true joy.

I also appreciate this magical encyclopedia that is the Internet. Do you know what I’ve looked up in the last few days?

  • That place in Missouri where my husband saw large giraffe sculptures outside as he drove by.
  • Movie reviews for “Bedeviled”: I was entertained by the comments of the people who gave it only one star. We didn’t watch it.
  • How scientists determine the composition of the other planets.
  • The origin of the term “pinking shears”.
  • The actress that was only in season one of the show I was watching online. Where did she go?
  • #LIGHTTHEWORLD – they have vending machines that just take your money to donate items.


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The Golden Record

Because we watched Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Netflix was quite sure we would want to watch a documentary on the Voyager spacecraft.

Because… the music? The humor? The alien characters?

Well, we actually did like some of the music. And we really did watch it.

We sent a golden record into space. It has bagpipe music from Azerbaijan recorded on it. There is a list of the recordings on the NASA site.

We found volcanoes on Io. We got cool pictures of everything.

And we hoped that someone/thing would play the humpback whale sounds and… visit us?

People are so amazingly weird.

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I’m feeling better.

Somewhere around 4:00 today, something felt different. I still have this annoying cough and occasional violent sneezes, but I feel Better.

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I did manage to read an entire book and watch Field of Dreams for the first time, but that was about all I could manage beyond getting food and endless cups of water.

There was one brief moment of excitement: I did one of those reach-for-something-and-knock-over-the-giant-cup-of-water things. All over the nightstand and into the top drawer. Because there’s nothing more fun than running for a towel and sopping up a mess when you feel miserable.


*       *       *

I’m just going to play with these Bluetooth headphones (ear buds?) that I got at a conference. Not sure I like things inside my ears.


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The good news is that the fever is gone.

The bad news is that I apparently took the day off from everything yesterday, including this.

Just so I could cough a lot.

Ah, well. I expected it might happen some day. I just thought it might be a day when I was having too much fun.


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I’m cold.

My eyes ache.

Fire! From a balloon. Just imagine it’s my feverish mind.

I’m reminded of a little ditty I once wrote:

Burning, something’s burning
Everything has that smoky flavor.

It has a tune that I’m hearing in my head.

I know, it has nothing to do with a fever. It’s about an apartment fire.

But I’m feverish, so you’ll give me a break.

I need to go drink more water now.

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Quote: Medicine

 Medicine is a science of uncertainty and an art of probability.

– William Osler


Because I got that scratchy throat yesterday and I don’t sound like me anymore.


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Favorite: Back to Work


Back to Work: This is a podcast that I just enjoy listening to. It’s a couple of guys who talk about random stuff and they often make me laugh.

They include links to related sites that sometimes help to clarify or give more detail on what they were taking about.

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