Well, then. It’s time for an update.

It’s only been two years. (Oh crap, has it been that long?)

A lot has changed. And I don’t just mean the entire world being turned upside down and inside out by the threat of COVID-19. That, luckily, came long after I packed everything up and moved back home. Returning home defeated – I could not win that game.

That game was not really a game. It was the marriage, and he wasn’t following the rules. So that is done. One cross-country divorce later, I am working on rebuilding my self and my life.

I finally got that job working from home. After looking for about three years, I could not have asked for better timing on the offer I got. Without it I might have had time to languish, might have let myself stop trying.

I’m taking a Happiness class. Because that is what one does when one is feeling the strain of protecting loved ones and not having anywhere to go. I’m working on a 2000 piece puzzle, and that is no small effort. I’m trying to do 30 days of yoga, which I had not done for a very long time (I’m on day 21 and getting better). And I’m Zooming with friends and groups that used to meet in person.

I’m hanging on and hoping.

My plans to start dating again have been thwarted. Maybe that’s a good thing? It will give us all something to talk about.

This isn’t very exciting. There is a lot I am not ready to say.

Just this: appreciate the people in your life. Be kind, be smart, be brave.

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