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Smiling Gravestones

Many years ago, I started a cemetery of sorts in my journals. It’s been so long, I can’t remember exactly why it happened this way. In my mind there are vague connections to a performance of Our Town we did … Continue reading

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Picture of the Week: Smashed

I’d just like to not thank the person who did this to my car and did not leave a note or tell the manager at the apartment complex where it was parked. Don’t be that person. Take responsibility. Especially if … Continue reading

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Favorite: LiveMon 4.1

I have no idea how I found this one day, but I’ve gone back many times because it just entertains me that someone put this together. Because the Internet is a living, changing thing controlled by living, changing beings, … Continue reading

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Why We Keep

So maybe you don’t keep. Maybe you shed things like water off a duck’s back. Maybe you don’t find anything slightly fascinating about junk mail. Maybe you think you don’t need old receipts and stuffed animals and clothes and paystubs and cassette … Continue reading

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