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So, normally when I travel, a certain amount of planning and packing takes place because of TSA rules: I have to put my liquids in a baggie, make sure I can get the laptop out, and I had better wear … Continue reading

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I Have Nothing to Hide

This is what some people say when you tell them that their privacy is being taken away: “I have nothing to hide”. It’s not about hiding. It’s not about keeping your sordid past a secret. It’s the same reason we … Continue reading

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Trying Times

Here’s the thing: I didn’t plan on taking that much of a break. Seems that somewhere along the way, I got stuck. Maybe I stopped feeling like I had anything to say. I wasn’t sure what was holding me back, … Continue reading

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Why We Keep

So maybe you don’t keep. Maybe you shed things like water off a duck’s back. Maybe you don’t find anything slightly fascinating about junk mail. Maybe you think you don’t need old receipts and stuffed animals and clothes and paystubs and cassette … Continue reading

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Why Not Procrastinate?

So I’m really not feeling this. I’m holding back, I’m not really using my real voice. Why? I don’t know. It’s like the idea isn’t coming across the way I had intended. Here’s a real truth: I am a great … Continue reading

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Relief and Renewal

So the job search journey comes to an end… no, a pause. Because I don’t believe there are any ends in life, just times when you can stop and breathe for a bit. I got a job offer. Actually, I … Continue reading

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