About WhyWeTry.com

Why are we here? Because I had a talk with myself this morning. About whether or not I have what it takes to do something like this. And for some reason, I took on the challenge. If you are wondering if Word Press is really that simple to set up, it is.

This name, this theme, had been floating around in my brain for a little over a month. One of the side-effects of being laid off. Nothing like a lot of free time to make you wonder why you are not doing all of those things you thought you would do if you had the time.

Who am I? An unpublished novelist, a computer programmer, a stepmother, a worrier, a creator. I have lived in Colorado, New York State, Ohio, and Utah. I say New York State so you don’t think I lived in New York City. People always ask.

I am a procrastinator. I am too honest for my own good.

I am not a housekeeper. I know this because when I am unemployed, the house does not get kept any better. Worse, maybe, because I am spending more time spreading papers and dishes around. But I do have the time to clean it up when I decide it is needed – yippee!

Yes, I am working on the whole job thing. I have two or three interviews set up for next week, hoping they aren’t in industrial boxes like the last one. I want to work. I want to feel useful again. I want to buy things. I want to pay my friends back for the occasional drinks and meals. I want to celebrate my success and not be the reminder of everyone’s uncertain futures.

UPDATE: I feel that I need to put a note here for anyone who doesn’t want to read through all the posts.

I did get a job, one I like very much, about a month after starting this blog. And I recently got my Amateur Radio license, which I am quite geekily proud of. I don’t have a radio yet – which reminds me of when I was learning C and I didn’t have a computer yet.

I know, I don’t make sense. Herein lie the clues to understanding me, and maybe some few other souls.

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