I Dared Me

One day I took a look at the blog I had created, and I saw that there were only brittle bones holding it up, occasional posts with gaps of neglect letting the structure sag.

I shook my head at myself. Pathetic.

I dared myself, then. Dared me to do one hundred posts in one hundred days.

And I took that dare, knowing I could, but not sure I would.

How long is one hundred days? Much longer than it sounds. You know what feels like one hundred days? About sixty days. Then you look at the calendar and realize that you still have a long long way to go.

I’m not pretending that these are the highest quality posts, or the most interesting. What they are is… me. Me meeting a goal that I only shared with two other people.


Because. It was something to try.

And that is why there is whywetry.com.

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