Phone Appreciation Day

So, it was the first day back after Thanksgiving and I got distracted and I left my phone at home.

It was a travesty. Sort of. It was actually more inconvenient than I thought it would be. I’m getting more attached to the smart phone stuff.

1) I couldn’t tell anyone via text that I forgot my phone so they couldn’t text me.

2) I didn’t have any meeting reminders chiming quietly from my phone in addition to the silent pop-ups my desktop computer.

3) I couldn’t use my phone to get my password for a website I use for work.

4) I couldn’t add a reminder to do something after work.

5) I couldn’t look up the lyrics to ‘Jack and Diane’ while I was stopped at several red lights on the way home to get my phone during lunch.

Well, it was on the radio and I realized there were some words I’ve never understood.

6) I had to make notes about this on… a Post-it note!

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