VR or not VR?

Having just come back from an event where I was able to experience a couple of different VR demos, I feel fully qualified to give my opinion about what we should and should not be doing with VR.

We should: let people feel like they are in places they have never been.

We should not: force someone to stand still and listen to a lecture about that place while wearing a headset and holding VR hand-things that do nothing.

We should: find better ways of letting people move around by physically moving their own feet.

We should not: require more effort to move forward a couple of feet in VR than one would expect to expend in real life.

We should: keep trying to make VR useful and/or fun in creative and innovative ways.

We should not: use VR to make 3D versions of 2D charts and immersive versions of horrifically boring educational experiences.

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