Falcon Park

Falcon Park

As far as parks around here go, this one isn’t bad. I mean, look at that view.

You can get to it from either side, and there’s a path that goes around the outside. A couple of ball parks, some trees along the path.

If the wind picks up and it isn’t sunny, it gets chilly pretty quickly. It was one of those days.

Just so you know, this was the fourth park I visited that day. That’s what happens when I have nothing better to do – I scout out decent parks using my car’s navigation system.

Park #1 was really just ball fields. No good place to sit or walk.

Park #2 had a couple of police cars in the lot. The officers were talking to a homeless man who was sleeping on one of the picnic tables in the pavilion. It didn’t exactly feel like a comfortable place.

Park #3 made Park #1 look like a nature trail. I’m not sure how they could have used that much cement and still called it a park. The small trees were just growing out of small square openings. The small playground had wood chips on the ground and was surrounded by cement. I can only image how hot it must get in the summer.

So Falcon Park was the winner.

Happy December! And fake birthday for my niece – one of her online accounts told me it was her birthday. I know the truth.

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