Good things

Can I tell you how much I appreciate sleeping through the night? It’s this amazing luxury that I rarely experience, but after those nights of coughing and just being miserable, it’s a true joy.

I also appreciate this magical encyclopedia that is the Internet. Do you know what I’ve looked up in the last few days?

  • That place in Missouri where my husband saw large giraffe sculptures outside as he drove by.
  • Movie reviews for “Bedeviled”: I was entertained by the comments of the people who gave it only one star. We didn’t watch it.
  • How scientists determine the composition of the other planets.
  • The origin of the term “pinking shears”.
  • The actress that was only in season one of the show I was watching online. Where did she go?
  • #LIGHTTHEWORLD – they have vending machines that just take your money to donate items.


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