Detective shows: Columbo

I love detective shows. Do I love all of them? Probably not. But I certainly have some favorites.

Let’s start with one of the all-time greats: Colombo.

The best part about this one is that it absolutely is not a who-done-it.

You never have to guess who did it. You always see them do it.

Then what is the show all about, you might ask?

It’s about Columbo.

It’s about how he goes about the investigation – talking to people, asking questions, showing up again and again, getting the suspect to ‘help’ him figure out what the killer was thinking.

I know, it sounds almost boring. But somehow it isn’t. It’s like… watching a tennis match? A chess game? More like that. You’re seeing both sides making their moves, and even though you know who will win, it’s a close game and that makes it interesting.

I’m thinking you either love it or hate it. The fact that there were so many episodes tells me that some decent percentage of people loved it.

Thanks to the magic of the Internet, I can keep watching it long after Peter Falk passed away. I don’t think anyone has ever tried to take his place.

Here’s to Colombo, the one and only.

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