Now Where Did I Put That List of Goals?

I would like to say I’ve been so busy fixing, making, moving and changing that I haven’t had time to add posts to this blog…

Not to say I haven’t done anything. There has been change: a new diet and 15 pounds gone. There has been fixing: a new garage door lock, a drawer not sticking any more. There has been making: more cooking at home, a seat cushion for his truck. There has been moving: a new home, decisions about what stays and goes.

So I can pretend that’s been enough to neglect my diatribe on motivation.

The problem is that I’ve neglected some things, those very same things that have been neglected all along. Life is moving forward and keeping me busy, but I am constantly losing sight of my goals.


1) I feel alone. I do not have the support I need, and I discount the support I get. Ugh, I hate admitting that but I think it might be true.

2) I feel overwhelmed. There is so much to do, so much I want to do, and I feel like I must do it all exactly the right way. It’s a bit intimidating.

3) I have too many goals. The ones where the goal is to do nothing make it hard to do the ones that require effort.

Why would you have a goal to do nothing? you ask. Because I need to relax. Because I carry tension in my body and I have a thousand thoughts in my head. So we have a do-nothing goal, and this is a strong motivating force. 🙂 Unfortunately. And as I write it, it sounds sillier than ever. Come on, fess up – you want to do nothing, too, don’t you?

So today, right now, I feel like what I need is something to help me remember my priorities. Something to make me actually plan based on them. Something to kick start my progress toward my goals. Hmmm… maybe I should start a blog or something.

Or maybe I should get some readers who actually respond to what I write. The spam comments just aren’t inspiring me. I wonder what would happen if I Tweeted this blog?

I wish there was a tool like the financial ones for prioritizing non-financial goals. You know the ones: you put in all of your balances and interest rates and the payments you make and it tells you how to get them all paid off in this nice efficient plan. We just need one where you put in your goals and your interest level and the trade-offs you make and it tells you how to do everything that matters to you that won’t kill you or put you in the poorhouse. (Those are my criteria – someone else may be okay with those options.)

Instead of a payoff plan, we’ll have a <insert clever phrase here> plan.

I’m just going to go get started on that one. It’s my new goal. Now what were the other ones I was worried about?

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