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The Henson stitch dilemma

Sometimes I make notes for myself and later I wonder what I meant. This is my note: “Henson stitch dilemma”. The context, I know, is puppet making. This is one of those things you learn when you start figuring out … Continue reading

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Tomato Basil Shrimp Fettuccine

1 tomato from your favorite garden or farmers market Basil from your friend at work (or you can get it at the store if you are lucky) 1 clove garlic Fettuccine (spinach if desired) 1 handful of cooked shrimp from … Continue reading

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This must be where I’ve been hiding out…

Welcome to Gingerbread Village! Our little community (and we mean little) features several custom cabins for your enjoyment. Take a look around and start planning your next getaway! The Village itself features six gingerbread cabins on tidy, shiny aluminum foil … Continue reading

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Now Where Did I Put That List of Goals?

I would like to say I’ve been so busy fixing, making, moving and changing that I haven’t had time to add posts to this blog… Not to say I haven’t done anything. There has been change: a new diet and … Continue reading

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Got an idea?

┬áSo I got this idea one day. I was going to make a shower curtain. It was going to be a gift for someone, so I had a deadline. Remember how I said that deadlines helped? The theme was going … Continue reading

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