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The good news is that the fever is gone. The bad news is that I apparently took the day off from everything yesterday, including this. Just so I could cough a lot. Ah, well. I expected it might happen some … Continue reading

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I’m cold. My eyes ache. I’m reminded of a little ditty I once wrote: Burning, something’s burning Everything has that smoky flavor. It has a tune that I’m hearing in my head. I know, it has nothing to do with … Continue reading

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Quote: Medicine

┬áMedicine is a science of uncertainty and an art of probability. – William Osler   Because I got that scratchy throat yesterday and I don’t sound like me anymore.  

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Favorite: Back to Work Back to Work: This is a podcast that I just enjoy listening to. It’s a couple of guys who talk about random stuff and they often make me laugh. They include links to related sites that sometimes help to … Continue reading

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Picture of the week: Swishy Washy

Sometimes I need to go to the laundromat. Swishy Washy is my favorite, not just because of the name. It’s clean and well-maintained. There are cameras, so I feel a bit safer and it keeps people from vandalizing the place. … Continue reading

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The Cloud is not in the sky

Who came up with this name for a bunch of computers? Why do I have this ridiculous image in my head of servers floating above actual clouds even as I know that this is far from reality? A brief foray … Continue reading

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The Happiness Final

Last year, I was taking a course called “A Life of Happiness and Fulfillment”. It’s really good, I would recommend it. But not long ago, I was looking at the site and realized I had never actually finished the course. … Continue reading

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Lost! In the parking lot

Did you ever have one of those days? You’re all excited about this event at the expo center and you know that the parking will be horrendous, but you’re okay with that. You get there and of course you have … Continue reading

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Favorite: Free Code Camp

If you’re interested in learning web development, and you like checking things off a list and getting little encouraging messages, this is the place. HTTPS:// Not only have I worked my way through most of the front end development section, … Continue reading

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So tempting…

Nothing makes my day more than an email from a “job huntering site”, admiring me to suggest a job that has nothing to do with my computer science degree. So, the place where I live has to be aware? That … Continue reading

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