For 2017: A Vision Board That Fits in Your Wallet

First, for those who don’t know: A vision board is a collection of images and/or text that represents the “vision” you have for yourself. It’s called a board because usually the images are arranged on a large piece of heavy paper or some kind of stiff material. This does allow you to glue on things that aren’t just paper, and generally get creative with your visualizing.

The whole idea is to remind yourself to visualize yourself reaching your goals and dreams – bringing into your life some combination of inspiration and the law of attraction that will make those things happen. The one drawback I’ve found, though, is that it feels too personal to post in a public place, and the vision boards I’ve created end up in a closet or a drawer until one day I find them when I’m looking for something else.

I wanted a way to have my vision board and carry it with me, too.

My answer: A Mini Vision Board Book.

There are many options for mini books out in the world – what I was looking for was something super simple. I found it – a book you can make with a single piece of letter-sized paper, that doesn’t require tape, staples or binding of any kind.

Yes, it fits in a wallet, or a purse, or a pocket. You can carry your vision board with you and have it there to regain your focus or inspire you at any time.

The book I’m using can have up to 16 pages – I used the front and back for covers and had 14 pages to work with. A double-spread page can be used for each goal/image if you can’t come up with 14 different things.

I found that you can work with the mini book in a few ways:

  • Paste or glue images from magazines into it after it is folded. This will make it thicker and might not stick together well over time if you carry it everywhere.
  • Draw your own pictures or text to represent what you envision. 
  • Start with a template in Word and add images from your computer or the Internet before printing it and folding it. A blank template with cutting and folding instructions is available to anyone who subscribes during the month of January. Just add your own images or textures to make the book awesomely yours.

Here is where I found the basic instructions for making a mini book.

What I’m reading:

  • Shifter by Brian Haberlin, Skip Brittenham, Brian Holguin, Kunrong Yap
  • Crocodile on the Sandbank by Elizabeth Peters (audio)

Courses I’m taking:

  • Machine Learning (Coursera – Stanford)
  • A Life of Happiness and Fulfillment (Coursera – ISB)

Things I have been putting off:

  • This blog post
  • Car maintenance
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